At Tailored Tree, we are proud to be Folsom, CA’s #1 trusted tree trimming service.

Our reliable and trustworthy team of tree trimming experts can be counted on to take care of your trees to maximize their beauty and health. Tree trimming and pruning is absolutely necessary on any trees that are supposed to bear fruit, and this kind of trimming requires quite a bit of knowledge and expertise.

At Tailored Tree, we make sure that our tree trimming team goes through extensive training and education to learn how best to trim and prune your trees, whether you have fruit trees or ornamental trees. It is important to keep the branches of your trees thinned out enough that sufficient sunlight gets through the canopy to the leaves and plants below. However, this is not a job you can do just by getting out there with your chainsaw and hacking away at branches.

There is an art to proper tree trimming, from the places that the cuts are made to the angle of the cuts. When a tree is trimmed properly, the trimming can help enhance the health of the tree. On the other hand, if a tree is trimmed badly, it is possible for the tree to be infected with disease or pathogens. An open cut on a tree can become infected just as an open wound on a person can be, but there are certain ways of cutting limbs and branches that allow the tree to heal well. With tree trimming services from Tailored Tree, you can count on us to make your trees as beautiful as possible while also preserving and enhancing your tree’s health. Whether you are looking to shape your trees and make them look great, or prune your fruiting trees to maximize their output, our tree trimming experts at Tailored Tree in Folsom can take care of you!

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