Tailored Tree has the experience needed to do all the bracing of all your trees for falling, pruning, and topping!

Tree bracing is a practice where weaker limbs are supported on the main trunk of the tree or on stronger limbs using chains, harnesses, or other means of support. Tree bracing is most often necessary on older trees when the limbs have become too heavy to be supported at the joining with the trunk. Another reason why tree bracing is often necessary is the weakness of v-crotches, which are areas where the trunk splits into two equal trunks, making a v, as opposed to having a single trunk from which smaller branches split off.

V-crotches tend to be very weak spots in trees, and as the tree grows and becomes heavier with branches and foliage, there is a lot of stress placed on that v-shaped spot. Eventually, the tree is likely to split, which is dangerous for anything around the tree as well as damaging or potentially killing the tree. In order to prevent a v-crotch from splitting, tree bracing or cabling is done. This involves using strong cables to tie the two equal trunks together or using bolts to secure the tree, basically, to itself. Of course, it is better to have a tree that is going to be structurally stable of its own accord, but this is not always possible. Sometimes an old tree needs bracing, but you do not want to remove it to plant a new tree due to its beauty, age, or history. That is where tree bracing from Tailored Tree comes in. We can make sure that your tree stays stable and secure, even if it is starting to show signs of weakness. Another use for tree bracing is when planting a new tree.

Until the roots begin to grow on their own, new plantings are at risk for shifting or becoming disturbed, which can result in a tree that leans. To make sure that a new tree planting grows tall and straight, it is common to use tree bracing for young trees. This sort of tree bracing is a very simple process: stakes are set on 3 or 4 sides of the tree, and cables are used to tie the tree to the stakes. The experts at Tailored Tree have years and years of experience making trees grow the way they are supposed to, and you can count on us to take care of your tree bracing needs so that you will never again have to worry about a tree splitting, a branch falling, or a new tree growing crooked instead of straight.

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