Trust the experts at Tailored Tree to handle all of your Unwanted Tree Stumps in Sacramento

Tree stump removal is an important part of tree management. When you have a tree removed, or if you decide to cut it down and remove it yourself, you still have the stump to contend with. If you do not remove the stump, the tree is likely to grow back. In a worst-case scenario, it will sprout a lot of little branches and turn itself into a little bush, even if it was originally a tall oak tree. This is unsightly, and you will find yourself cutting back the branches over and over again. 

If you want to have a smooth lawn where a tree used to be, put in a flower garden, or if you want to do any other landscaping at all, tree stump removal from Tailored Tree is the solution for you! There are several different ways that tree stump removal can be done. Our tree stump removal experts at Tailored Tree will help you find the tree stump removal method that will be best for you. For trees that have relatively shallow roots, it is often best just to pull them out of the ground altogether, especially if there is plenty of room on the property for a backhoe to get in and get to the stump. The benefit of pulling out the stump altogether is that you will have nothing but dirt left in the area where the stump was, which will make it easy to till up the area or do any kind of landscaping project you desire.

Stump pulling does not work very well if the tree has a deep taproot, in which case we recommend stump grinding instead. We can take care of any stump grinding needs you might have as well. When we perform stump grinding, we grind the stump down several inches below the ground level, so that it will not grow back. Then the top layers are filled back up with dirt so that you have a smooth patch of ground. For effective, reliable stump removal in the Sacramento, CA area, look no further than Tailored Tree!

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