At Tailored Tree, we offer tree topping services in Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Folsom & Beyond!

Trees are beautiful additions to the outdoor landscape of any Sacramento home or business, providing shade and architectural structure. Planting trees is also great for the environment, as every tree helps to combat environmental pollution and release oxygen into the air for us to breathe. However, if the trees are not taken care of properly, they quickly become straggly and unruly. Trees around Sacramento homes and businesses must be trimmed to keep them from overhanging the roof or tangling with the power lines. Tree topping is an important maintenance job for Sacramento homes and businesses, as this helps to keep the trees from growing unmanageably high, keeps them looking tidy, and encourages the trees to grow full lower down. Tree topping also stimulates growth, as many smaller suckers will grow from a branch that has been topped, thus giving fuller and more attractive growth.

Why might you want tree topping at your Sacramento, CA home or business? There are many possible reasons. For one thing, the landscape in the Sacramento area is beautiful, and you do not want overgrown trees spoiling the view from your home’s or business’s windows. Keeping your trees at a manageable size can improve the beauty of your valuable Sacramento, CA area property. Another reason for performing tree topping is to keep tree branches from growing too close to power lines, roofs, or other structures. The possibility of power lines being damaged from tree branches is hazardous, and if there is a storm or high winds, an unruly branch can bring down a power line, which is dangerous and potentially lethal for anyone who comes near. Similarly, if tree branches grow over a roof, they can fall and damage the roof or even cause injury. These are some very important reasons to have a specialist such as Tailored Tree perform tree topping services for you.

Tree topping is a somewhat controversial practice, and if it is not done properly it can damage the tree, allowing pathogens in and potentially causing rot or weak branches. This is why you should not attempt tree topping yourself. Leave tree topping to the professionals at Tailored Tree, and we will be able to make sure that your tree topping is done properly, protecting the integrity of your tree and preventing it from being damaged by the topping and pruning.

Tree Topping in Sacramento County, California:

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